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Review by Jim G.

Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness
Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness

The Journey

It all started a year ago. I awoke one day and out of the blue I was very dizzy. This was followed by extreme nausea and ringing on the ears to the extent that it would be so loud as to block out conversations. I had to chart a course when entering a room so that I always had a "safe" landing spot to prevent bad falls. I carried bags with me to help contain the nausea. For the next several months I went through every test imaginable trying to diagnose my illness. I went to physical therapy. Saw a chiropractor. Had CAT scans done. Had X-rays taken and had MRI's preformed. I saw an ENT specialist and a neurologist. I was told by several doctors that I had Meniere's disease and that there was no cure for it. I went a year without driving for fear of having an episode of severe dizziness. I had all but given up when I heard that Dr. Haddad had been researching the treatment of TMJ/TMD which had similar side effects to my illness. I started my treatments and for over 30 days I noticed no improvement. Then on the 5th week I started noticing a lessoning of my symptoms. Each day my symptoms were less and less. I am now in my 10th week of treatment and I am 90% cured! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Haddad and his staff in returning my life to me!

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